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deliberations may be summed up in the following dense translation

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be viewed as one homogeneous race is a question deserving special investigation.

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in Latin. In addition the report recommended that the term of

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tlie feet and turn but all our efforts Avere vain. The hand could

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zoology psychiatry hygiene medical jurisprudence and

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nished by microscopical observations. The reliability of this basis will

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eased tissues of the body are liable to colloid and fatty degen

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tliem up. The flowers steeped all night in a little warm

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active as the most concentrated. The dilutions seem necessary in order

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ences were wonderfully pleasant. The habit became fixed the

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subjects on the programme include the matters of general

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In children the eruption of typhus fever very frequently closely resem

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under cover of woods. A captured rebel officer says that

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to that branch of medical science known as physical edu

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accompanied by dyspnoea. In children accelerated breathing is more

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One more point about oily sprays. It is I believe wise

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dominal tumors a case might be mentioned which had occurred

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Edinburgh in was also a distinguished anatomist and

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