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on the intermediate days. In this way calomel may be given for a long time
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separating and tying off the lower attachments of the whole of the mass,
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state quarantine have been discharged by the Surgeon-
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is often— indeed, generally — accompanied by con-
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The Urine. A detailed study of scorbutic urine has apparently
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is almost always evidence of imperfect and irregular action of
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culty of diagnosis in such cases. One such I have seen
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pensary, in this city, only two had tremor, and that of the
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exercised in giving tartar emetic to children, as they are especially
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ments, sew together the flaps, dust or an Owing to the fact that the rubber tissue,
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another condition which must always be taken into con-
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a stout female, 27 years of age, affected with articular rheumatism of the
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the pleural cavity, and with the history, this had led to the
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less delicate covering membrane and a light centre. This is
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of gonorrhoea. Two years previous to admission he was affected
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lytic agents (pyrodiue) show that however advanced may be the anae-
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Kitchen, T. D., Wake Forest, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1908 1908 1908
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campaign with his officers. Even then he apparently felt "a little
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nature of Bright's disease. Such was the view put :^orth in 1845 by Dr. Geo.
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miiller* reports the case of a child with lesion of the brachial plexus,
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of the fifth metatarsal bone, to end on the inner side of the extensor proprius
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ing favor of the early operative treatment of ulcer. Gastroenterostomy
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phosphorus ranges from .0016 to .005; that of zinc phosphide
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capsule, with very little disturbance of the adjacent lens
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aid usually were operated on in their homes. By the seventies, in Olmsted County,
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Careful observation of a large number of instances of reflex
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sition of the milks produced in that country to be considerably in
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tumor, slightly movable, fluctuating, its greatest projection upon

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