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siderable diSiculty, during which a number of officers had to be called

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the case. It was often found that the vomiting first ceased, and then

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II Listerine possesses a two-fold antiseptic effect. On evaporation, a

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is recommended in cases of luxation, which cannot be reduced without

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J. E., ria. — We shall hope to hear from you again, when you have more

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it overshadows the whole country in the space of a few weeks. Such

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fits, each lasting from thirty-five seconds to two minutes. Lumbar puncture

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to assume a more threatening aspect ; debility manifestly increased ; the

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caufes Wounds, Ulcers, and Fiftula’s to heal after

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through teams. That's the whole question and that is the idea of this

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Her medicines have been Lachesis^, Cimicifuga^, Phytolacca^ ^^^ ^,

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•f See Laurence's very accurate Dissections of subjects Dead of the Yellow Fever, made

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but when properly watched it is, I am confident, the means of saving

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against the opinion of older generals and contrary to the rules of the

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to be regarded as the person to whom all such inquiries should be

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instead of being a simple feeling of want and a desire for food, it be-

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quiring the apphcation of leeches ; her throat also was very bad, to

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printed the year previous, and now stands as the authoritative guide

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down, griping and flatulence to a considerable extent. After this at-

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capable of saving the patienf s life. It should always be borne in mind,

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Bafil • but the People call this as well as the next

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It is worthy of remark that Dublin, Cork, and Belfast were affected

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to do twenty different things to reheve their immediate feelings ; but it

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to appear over her body, the pulse was soft and about 100, and the

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Sept. 15. Prolapse almost entirely gone, and stools more

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patient's mental inaction but willingness to cooperate, the following

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Dr. Williamson was called. He said we must by all means save

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Some time ago we went up to the 6th Army. This was a very in-

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what your Great and Royal Anceftors, with all their

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hours make a vast difference in the chances, and after the lapse of

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below 07 underneath, and of a blackifh Green colour

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