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Public opinion is being rapidly educated and the work is

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like scales wherever the secondary growth springs up — is

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water, and injected into the peritoneal cavity of male guinea-pigs.

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existing and remain as blots upon our hospital administrations.

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tured with very little violence. The bone was very much thickened and bent ; it did

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of properly-gauged practice marches and special exercises, and criti-

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vasorum. Therese 6 experimented with bacterial products and

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profuse purulent discharge. Notwithstanding an assidu-

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(i) Normal Stools. — A normal stool consists largely of bacteria ;

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atory under criminal indictment, and the balance were

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proper length of time one should wait in any stage of lal)or,

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and chronic tubercular lesions spread through the body.

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are of opinion that in all Hospitals it is a wise and liberal

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bered that one-half per cent, of patients who undergo

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Coordination, as we have seen, is accomplished to a certain extent

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Exp. 4. A medium sized adult dog was put under the influence of ether

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well during his service in the campaign and at Guayama,

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Ten days after the operation the wire dropped off. This patient fully

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tivity after the patient begins to whoop, the muscles.

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examination of such samples that any article of food or drug offered to be im-

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land, Jr., M. D., Boston. (Read before the Boston Society for Medical

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cose veins of the leg may be divided into two groups,

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Dr. Little, of Belfast, and Mr. Kirby, of this city, have fallen into

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these inflariimations, which are b(;giiiniiig to be better un-

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in practice, has an unfortunate issue in two directions as respects the

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Knowing the child as well as I did, and having seen

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cavity is involved. It generally comes on about the third or

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table, and if the meaning of a word is doubtful, if the

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An important aid to the diagnosis of a syphilitic sore is the

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teaching that electricity should be tested in the early

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