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This last attack came on suddenly with intense pain. I was out of
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essary proceeding unless the pus was actually in the
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ticale. Gior. di neuropatol., Napoli, 1884, ii, 254-259. —
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or thoracic scales. Forked cells larger than in Uranotcenia. No
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(It is said to be one of the earliest printed books known.)
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feinui ; convalescence coinplic Jed by auX-iayhurn. Med.
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The efficacy of the Carlsbad treatment lies in the direction
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and duodenal digestion thus interfered with is fruitful in the
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scolouration. The body of a person poisoned by strychnia may therefore be
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general health continued good. Died in March, 1883, from an at-
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the paper; the bifilar going off a number of times."
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left hemiplegia, and loss of the intellectual faculties, espe-
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Lecture XXII treats of Struma ; — a word used in Germany
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missed diagnoses in the perinatal period. When an untoward
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Principal Disadvantages of Salvarsan. — Werther enu-
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and, if she have two or three children entitled to aid,
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daturine, veratrine, and solanine. The work is thus essentially a
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surrounding tissues to a very considerable extent, and there-
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should be given within a few hours of injury. Unfortunately we had
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of the cross-ways. The court-doctor, for example, had
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returned to the intensely malarious locality where he had formerly
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In Myoxis glis, the common dormouse. Like T. lewisi, but not inoculable
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70,000 deaths. It disappeared from Eastern Europe in 1884.
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kind, horses, dogs, etc., are painfully affected by the sting of
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uterus they are much longer than broad. Finally, they escape
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right cheek, and a purulent discharge issued from beneath it,
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best), a white streak soon follows, lasts a minute, and

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