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Cooper, William Alexander, Jr., w, sp, Raleigh, N.C. A.B. (U. of North Carolina) '26.

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simple when the patient appears incapable of exercising proper muscular

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vvoul'l the human intellect present that rich soil,

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and collodine. Nicotine is the product of the cigar and cigarette ; pyridine,

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came entirely rational. His impriivement was very rapid,

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A patient, in whom the portio vaginalis had been amputated two years pre-

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they may not light on great discoveries, for their timorousness in

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the formative stage, by a proliferation of nuclei not only in one

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ease in the city for more than a year prior to the outbreak ; the water

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the morning his landlady found he had vomited quite a quantity of

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can be taught only in one way, the way of teaching all

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and gives rise to the familiar manifestations of toxic

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hibit contractures, etc. You feel sure that your sug-

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which speaks for this view, but it is far from established. In a few cases

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peroxide, when even a slight increase of heat, or the mere

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1. Dodd, Robert B.: Problems in anesthesia for intes-

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The economic loss from tuberculosis is enormous even with a low

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vital power to be upheld? Take the three great functions of

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that there are no crevices in which dirt may collect.

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into a general bloody sweat (Maldonatus). A woman seeing two

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side of the scrotum, extending up on the abdomen for

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for many weeks. As a rule the absolute number of mononuclear

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The Preface of Dioscor ides' Materia Medica: Introduction, Translation, and Commentary

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observed : the instantaneous relief obtained by removing an

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Th ! case was interesting as one illustrating the fact

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servative, not only in that it is readily borne, but that it

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loosen, and in some cases to break off ; (3) and the very serious one of

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mation which may affect segments of large and small

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recapitulate what Rokitansky presents in regard to the

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March following. On the 23d, he received information of its acceptance,

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tendency of typhoid ulcers to perforation of the gut and the

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