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of a chronic character he employed them quite freely.
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sixteen cases in which broncho-pneumonia was present, exclusive of cases
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that competes unfairly with services of various information providers
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were not quite so rare as they were believed to be.
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be followed by rigidity. The writer has recently seen such a case in
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has been on board ship for a fortnight, and never thinks
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side to side, draws up his leg, and presses his hands or a pillow against
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valuable features. Dr. Elias has brought out a point which I think
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thick, softened, and inelastic. Bouilland has observed, that all the
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great claim to a still more pre-eminent position among
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not receive a Charity Bill after June 21. Only four days
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are wanting. It will be seen that xanthin and hypoxanthin are the chief
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for the cure of disease, but " le jeu ne vant pas la
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Ireland — Custom House, Dubhn. Sec, T. A. Mooney, Esq.
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tion in the circulation; water in the brain; tumors,
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tuberculosis in future years. It is a fact that we have no
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Puerperal sepsis. Nevertheless, in 1913 it caused 542
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than a case of Colles's fracture, or at the clavicular region, than a
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In pyonephrosis there is evidence both of suppuration and of obstruction.
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at the end of the customary passage into the area : but our house is to con-
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marking a well-defined transition in her life. In her own
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of differential diagnosis is limited to the parietes immediately below the costal mar-
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ceptible at the wrists, can be brought up, the patient
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and the child recovered. The mother was restored to health in a few weeks.
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From the examination of a number of museum specimens, he
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I have known apparently curable cases to be rendered
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fluid in the pleural cavity or in the lu-oiiclii. Tlu^ meeting then
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to regard Paul as almost one of their active members.
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