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them taken up and distributed throughout the economy.

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not ordered the dispenser has often to use it but of

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dissecting through the liver structures the abscess is reached and

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last speaker's reference to the prevailing ignorance of the principles of first-aid

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found the occiput occupying very nearly its proper relative position, and

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general purposes in the treatment of cattle and sheep. Its

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Summer Complaint. In 27 cases I have speedily arrested the dis-

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it is certain that the streptococcus plays a considerable part in human

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black as coal, and very thin; it may even happen that the blood

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for three or four weeks before the sores began to heal,

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cidental in man. Not every case reported as Fasciola hepatica is to be

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cricoid cartilage was also decidedly smaller than the left side,

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Another important point is, that no one who reads the memoirs of

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We do not, however, think that the question — truly a most

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beneath an area on the surface of the chest which the end of an

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So far as the joint-lesion is concerned the history ends here. Incidentally I

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of the tubes an amount of calcium chloride was added which had

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tients are unable to resist the impulse which impels to the abnormal

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At the end of May he had gradually become paralyzed generally, but more

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^commotion of the surging ocean. The provisions at that hospital are by no

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contents of vesicles occasionally present. Inoculation with the epithelial

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27th, Has not suffered from headache since last visit, and

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believe, apt to die ; not by any means because it is used, but

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cannula by pressure on the plunger of the syringe. The pressure exerted

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cal experience bears out the belief that a late operation

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Note. — The Bauchstiel in this section consists of the allantoic tube, with allantoic

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