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to, rice, hominy, and green vegetables are allowed, the
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and very cedematous. It involved the situation of the left crus
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thought the information might not be wholly undesirable. Another
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d'une note du Dr. Al. Llenas sur le traitemeut de la fievre
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uttering a word, he walks straight forward, and when he meets with an ob-
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that an infant, one month old, weighing about eight pounds,
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gical operations ; it was apt to produce ulcers which healed
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for the United States, Canada and Mexico ; $G.5G per year for alt for-
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tional duties upon the Marine-Hospital Service," and the
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Franklin F. Wing, contract dental surgeon, from Washington,
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of the white cells were eosinophiles. In certain of the exanthemata,
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When shall we have a body of savants who will not only state
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over their troubles, and to become hypochondriacal.
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Beans. Beans are even more perishable than pease. As a
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Ewing^ (1904) came to conclusions at variance with those who believed
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tenaculum, and cut off with the scissors. The hemor-
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originally constitutional, and the local expression
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there is a limp peculiar to hip disease, because its
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disease satisfactorily settled and the specific microbe isolated and
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was a Uar and quack, it was Paracelsus. However, he an-
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On admission to the hospital, I found him suffering from
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terminates in apoplexy, or rupture of the cerebral vessels, and
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willing to submit to lavage. For evacuation of the bowels, calomel in
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cautery in the deepest part of the socket. The patient drifted out of
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painful spasms of the muscular layers of the intestine ; according to others,
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ive redness of the surface; and, if the right cavities become con-
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includes all workshops, five breakfast buffets and lunch-
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graduated from Rush Medical College and, after receiving his degree, spent one
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turbances. Among the girls, 176 were subject to headaches, 193
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in cerebrospinal fever is apt to be cloudy, and in this case it was
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should exist a material difference between the dis-

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