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permeability of the inferior meatus. In exceptionally wide nasal cavities the

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ening the latter organ by degrees ; of fortifying the

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with what enthusiasm Tamier had demonstrated to him the

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In manv oculists' offices a glare of light in front or at one

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Figs. 22 and 23 are excellent views of the sterilizing room and tli(

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own, which are fully but, to our mind, not very clearly

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of all spending to care for persons with AIDS and repre-

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side. The ages of the other members of the family, who were

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which grows in very wet places, has an ash-colored bark,

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nothing M'orthy of special notice was observed till the 13th of

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Cuba, 6 in the United States, and 1 in Porto Rico, and small-

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food and rich wines. Occasionally in the minutes of the Aberdeen

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The patients, it is true, were beyond the reach of other treatment,

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tarium" (pi. xxvii, fig. 1). 1 have, however, read through an article

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it can be predicted that skiagraphy will be of inestima-

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Etiology. Only general statements can be ventured on as to the

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from the care which has been bestowed upon it. The chapters

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obliterative pericarditis with ascites has been contributed by A. 0. J.

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ably from the normal figure. For this reason no deduction can be

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pection but not for other purposes/' Permits issued under the \m)-

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List of the Conclusions adopted by the International Sanitary Conference

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tailed description. The possibility of improvement,

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ness, the stimulation of the ulcer once it is put in a

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it appears that the proposition for abolishing the office of

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time and leave more thorough surgical treatment until after recovery

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on visual disturbance in albuminuria, by van der Laan; on

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as in the last case, was extremely bad. There was little in the way of

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complication gave leukocyte counts of over 10,000 for a week or more

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ple hypertrophy of the heart observed in most bicycle

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