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a pneumonia, contracted by sleeping on the ground, while

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To continue this treatment indefinitely is not indicated,

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a recurrence took place eighteen months later. At this

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the composition of this fluid, in respect to its albu-

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Pfliiger's pump after the addition of acid varied from 29.54 to

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relatively low in childhood, 65% to 85%. The adult level is reached

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GEO. C. SHATTUCK, M. D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Physic in ilas.ui-

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feet deep, the rock bottom being a little over a foot

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period of their diastole is finished, and the next auricular contraction will

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free from dysuria or any complications resulting from

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5. — Stein divides appendicitis into the severe and light

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sometimes observed. The Peyerianand solitary glands remain unaffected.

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circumstances leading to this much to be deplored condition,

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Ireland — Custom House, Dubhn. Sec, T. A. Mooney, Esq.

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the nerve are involved. When the process is acute the nerve

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A hypersensitiveness to touch, pain, or heat and cold often occurs

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hampered other organs, such as the bowels, in their func-

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increase in the purins present on account of regenerative cell multi-

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some of the Colleges that good clear knowledge of one or two-

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authentic instances. Digestive troubles of an intermittent type usher

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exposure to cold and wet, and rapidly recover again under the

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that the tumom- had existed from childhood, and tlie surgeons who

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face which, spreading to the whole head, rendered it 0/

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una-. ...ui ,.. ten be the tune ti.e .lea.-in. -tat,.,,, .- .-eau.ea b.nh blan.U

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( Critchett, Coccius) has theoretically very much to be said

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cases of typhoid fever and common continued fever was 25.92 per cent., or one death

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place, but the members were invited to a reception at

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beings, but thus far without marked benefit. An agglutiuation reao-

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