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finally with seeds. This last part brought out the paral-
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meaning of the Latin, as well as of the Hebrew root, is to
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at intervals of one hour and a half ; May 30, a fit in the even-
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warmed, whilst the salicylic acid is gradually added
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management is rarely practicable, except by means of institutions in
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they will be referred to in connection with the treatment of other affections.
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stages in the louse and claimed that this insect was the true host of T.
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Hon of en unorphoui mineral mass forming a calcareous nucleus ol
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to cases which had previously been treated with tuberculin,
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further up, above the process, it was filled with fresh coagula. The patient's
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1-1,000, kills it at once, and direct sunlight in about one-half an hour.
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The etiological factor of yellow fever is still unknown.
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a misnomer, as we ordinarily restrict entero to the small
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ous method," which stands as an epoch in the progress of
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as often as may be necessary in order to lower the temperature; and
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that the play of the chest is diminished immediately
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9 years. The figures do not justify a too hopeful spirit ; and
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supervisor of the revenue appears first to have had the charge of provid-
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An answer to this, based on responsible literature,
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stitutes, no matter what we may have been or done otherwise, the
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eral origin, due to local toxic influence or to trauma, and those of
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session, without interfering in the least with the scien-
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evidence of involvement of the glands in most cases was
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portance of the so-called "soldier's heart," as such,
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but when so far developed as to be a source of distinct discomfort they
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through the day. On examination of the urine then, it is found to be
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about by day. On her admission into the Hospital the
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22. Hendrickson, W. F. : A Study of the Musculature of the Entire Extrahepatic
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form ; it certainly varies in different cases ; but it is
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conclusively that we and our work are imperatively de-

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