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nioruing to 104° F. There is nothing on the chart at this
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processes, ulcerative endocarditis, acute endocarditis, obstinate gastritis, and
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fering; pulse 72, weak but regular; heart's action normal; profuse
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from November 15, 1899, until the end of April, 1900.
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On Wednesday week the Exhibition was opened with great
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WiNSLow— Gbant.— On June 1, at the parish church, Fulliam, Henry
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sary for the management of the class of patients they have to deal
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excessive secretion and discharge of mucus in these instances, de-
estrace expiration
estrace pills price pdf
arising in the skin, or in some viscus, or circulating in the blood ; or
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heifer, and the Kerry cow did not react, and we may
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I have myself recorded a case (11) of a man aged 40, who, when he
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the frontal lobes accord with the negative character of experimentiil lesions
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common under such circumstances, charged him with being what he
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spinal cord has been irreparably contused, that we should give the patient
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tremities for the purpose of lessening the pain consequent upon mas-
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Dr. J. G. Blake said that these cases were by no means rare at the
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the patient's habit of bending the thigh and leg. This can best be done
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Section 1. Allergic Diseases. Tuesday and Thursday, 1 P. M.
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8$6, but he evidently included many children who had breathed
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Hospital under Mr. Lucas's care. Fifteen months later, alter a fall, the right
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heavily coated, her abdomen was distended, this distention being
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therefore, the observations on 140 normal persons have been grouped
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energy of all the faculties depending on its action. It is possible
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proportion to the quantity of intestinal effusion. In the
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July, 1902. Also, Vol. IX. Physiology, Pathology, Bacteriology,
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were formed during the process of dying, but they might also
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thereafter, the psychological work will be stopped for 30 seconds to
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the patient's mind should he perfectly clear, in order that he may promptly in-
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longest. It measures 99 microns and represents in consequence a little more

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