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daring the day or two preceding death. In some cases, indeed, even

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about half lliat quantity ; the Norwegian about 6J pounds ;

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ticularly the original illustrations and the descriptive text

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at Mr. W.'s table, and one death of a student who went home with

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The answer may be an affirmative one with this qualification, that, if

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physician. This is a good thing to remember when the little

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of electricity, which of all known agencies bears the

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to go immediately to one of the Infirmary's or to Dr. Armstrong No.

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It also indicates spasm at the heart, or even deeper and organic derange-

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spent in unhygienic apartments, surrounded by tuberculosis,

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the abdomen, and I was at first disposed to think that

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prevents suppuration ; softens the skin ; allays the

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ing to the action of Congress in reducing the number of

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The raw surface thus exposed was swabbed over with spirit or

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patient (who was a large and robust woman) did not seem to bo

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mineral has had no effect upon the disease, or that it has had an inju-

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face or (jedema of the feet. At the end of one week

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out difficulty, owing to the violent unconscious resistance

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facie reason why the infection should not be localized in and con-

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let is frequently fetid, as under the fifth species

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The well-known conversions of neuroses seem also to point in

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concentration.] After this the patient may go on to

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Beckhurts {Chem. Centr.^ 1885, 77^-77^j and Arch. Pharm.

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and aureus. The streptococcus proved very virulent, 1 c.c.

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re-elected, and the third vacancy was filled by the elec-

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may keep up a continual drain on the system of the vena portie ;

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val of the ligature over the present plan of leaving

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attachments were then removed by the scissors. There was little hemorrhage.

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