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cspcal region, and no sign of it appear when we open the
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forty years before. The cystitis had followed a bad
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age consumption of liquor in the United States amounts to 17.68
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older persons, especially the epileptic attacks of cere-
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it should be opened or lanced. A little strong carbolic acid introduced
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Of syphilitic ulceration of the rectum, Mrs. K., whom you
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does not complain of their frequency. Urine is quite natural. The skin over the
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nitely abandoned, and it was believed that, if persisted in, they would
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The plan of this institution is a new one in this country. The college buildings are so constructed,
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The only satisfactory way of dealing with the condition.
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confined with great accumulations of flatus. Enema to be re-
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Finally laminitis and rheumatoid affections occur as complica-
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most common seat of hemorrhage is in the lenticular nucleus, which is a
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every twelve hours. Milk and lime-water are allowed in
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matory lymph, and the eyeball shrunken or very much diminished in
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between the ages of two and fifteen years. Infants and old people
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sure's death, was the effusion of a large quantity of serum into
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from a full knowledge of the disease, that is always a comfort
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since it is generally accepted that a fatty or waxy substance forms an
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hip-joint amputation by his method had been done in
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tage is taken of the principle of " collateral fluxion."
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with atrophy and disappearance of several phalanges. These trophic troubles were
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application, is looked upon by the second — more experi-
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reduced in amount. The temperature is not necessarily above
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which have been submitted to the Surgeon-General, and which are similar
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pain soon subsided, and the man made a good recovery.
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was almost always associated with tension of the arteries.
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bone ; for in that case, the cautery or the scraping only must be continued a little

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