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(which was the chief esculent), pot and sweet herbs,

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We take the opportunity of proposing anew that a general

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• The Loansome Doc (LD) feature, which is available

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Office nearest them. Rehabilitation service is offered

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a boy formerly malarial, the flaps sloughed, and a recrudes-

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the fact that similar cases have been observed before by other authors.

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husbands and wives have been affected in succession. If the communicability

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The vomiting is another of those distressing symptoms which

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American Medical Association it is suggested, that the internists

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the administration of mercury, as recommended by Mr.

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to ten drops of creasote. Dr. Thomas F. Cock, of this city, has found

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putation made in time, abridges suffering and diminishes the

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better. Phthalein, 0.1 gram intravenously; weight, nine pounds. 5 p.m.

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days of utero-gestation. Duges, indeed, says that "the subsiding is generally

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which arc found distributed through the substance of muscle.

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tempt with the spoon. In the struggle her chair was

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through this the catheters and ureters were peroxide is useful, but the main thing is

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A soft diet, leaving httle residue, gave rehef. The constipation

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much correspondence to carry on, so much business to at-

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to open a discussion concerned with the feeding of children. The task

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out its dangers to the patient and without the risk

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seen to be studded with myriads of tubercles. Some coils of

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Physical Journal^ probably by Dr. Granville, F.R.S., at that time,

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Burial : An Examination of their Pelative Advantajjes."

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the ala nasi. Tliis pain w^as paroxysmal, and worse in the daytime. Later

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