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a quaint old-world place, quaint in its narrow streets and Swiss

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How litflay according to the above stalemeDt, doea the

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time of death stood at 42^.05.; temperature of rectum 55 minutes after death, 35^.75 0.; 84

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percentage of craniotomy, 281 ; McDowell and ovariotomy, 281 ;

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by these experiments, that the blood undergoes a change in

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sions occurred, and the case ended fatally. On examination after death,

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Hysteria occurred frequently during convalescence; it al-

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at large. We can Twt enter into any correspondence concerning our

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can only be accomplished through a central national

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reflex action on tickling the soles of the feet. Muscular sensibility, as tested by

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gentleman who, in his younger days, had a palm tree

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the yellow pigment usually found in the parenchyma cells of

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In July, Dr. James A. Cosgriff, Jr., became associated

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do not have a deficiency of uric acid and urates in the

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An attentive consideration of the foregoing arguments has led me, in

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growth. The paramount importance to the child of good

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After trying various manufacturers, with various de-

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tried, and small blistei-s. Hydragogue cathartics, in these cases, if the patient

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slight symptoms of rickets. Dr. L. C. Peter exhibited

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As.syrametrie der Extremitaten, am osteologischen Mate-

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extracted. There is extensive inflammation of the gum

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It is evident, too, that Cincinnati colleges have suffered more

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on opening the mastoid it was found to consist of one large cavity which

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Ivre leoommended for other laryngeal and bronchial catarrhs. Recoff'

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with fetid discharge &om the nose. The causes of oziena are in some

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words of that " clear thinker and bold speaker," the late Mr.

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olein but has no effect upon palmitin and stearin), the

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tion, the patient should lie on the opposite side, with

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When to Operate. — It is of the utmost importance to

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in bunches of from six to several dozen in a place.

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