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Caramelization or burning of a certain portion of the milk sugar

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cian, Dr. J. W. Lowman, having diagnosed the cases as varicella,

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would both soothe pain, and be a healthful exercise to a weak

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is a via d tergo. The want of it may be made good in one of

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erroneously be taken for cases of poisoning. The text

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erally suspected. Cases of carriers do not ordinarily come to the

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to be an aneurism of the posterior aural artery. The evident

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At the Johnstown flood six physicians were on awaking renders it specially valuable.

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dition, and whose bodily functions tend, therefore, to be imperfectly per-

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48.0 heat units. So that a person weighing 150 lbs. (75 kilos.)

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double this up cornerwise, and then fold into a stiff plug,

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with its sumptuous furnishings, given to the guest at rates so low

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death of the child ; indeed our hospital practice proves this be-

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fly and the sleeping sickness which has been making

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twenty drops of creosote carbonate, three times a day, after

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time fresh cancerous tissue was inoculated into the jugular

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correct history of all the cases of cancer for which operations have been per-

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tion was administered, and though there was no perceptible

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don Lancet, Dec. 2, 1893.) The editor prefaces the report by an explana-

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rities of our nature, and prepare the young for lives of

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affections of the mucous membrane generally, as well as to

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comes obstructed ; covering the vessel with a hood of stiff paper, so as to

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pox as perfectly and as certainly as cow-pox matter

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pieces of tinfoil, each 8 in. by 5 in., separated by plates of cleaned

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times tlic disease begins from a pustule, without the pretious develop-

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most of those listed above. Three conclusions stand out

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ported by hernurse. The light must be good, so that the opera-

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vices in order to control the birth rate would mean

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employers, e. g., the clubs and medical-aid institutions, that

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in bringing it up to date, not only in reference to treat-

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made, lie has since died. Eight of the nine children are living, one

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Treatment. Where there appears to be sufficient grounds for the

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cases of purulent peritonitis associated with foul pus,

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well provided with sebaceous glands furnish the most typical examples.

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