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preceding after the usual period. ]\roreover, it is interesting to note that
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the Museum, from the same individual as the stomach abo%-e de-
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ceeding from excessive losses of blood. The absence of these
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to 5 per cent. One part of acid to 30 parts of water is one of the
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area. In the last three months, motor dis- extent, and once or twice there were oc-
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of the body of the pancreas, and the transverse colon
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the difficult task of curing others in like condition al-
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reached the pillow, that gives natural rest to the brain which, for th
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paftroxysms as well as cutting short the duration of the disease. — New
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tion. The epileptic convulsions are probably the ex-
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In very extensive cases there may be extreme dyspnoea,
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the limits of the ulcer and in extreme conditions even to the pelvis. With
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effort toward its attainment. As the muscles become stronger, the
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magnet were followed by a complete recovery, and a few days afterwards the
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thing of a novel or interesting character before the eyes of
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than the person who indulges in a periodical debauch and
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on these subjects. For this American edition Dr. Ross has made
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which attadi the bladder to the other pelvic viscera, and to the sides
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image of actions performed. It would appear reasonable to assume that
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Whether this is to be brought about, as Mr. Butlin has suggested in
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The functions of the bladder and rectum are affected for the most
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unknown way ; and (c) that it is of infectious or para-
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was an infant of 18 months, the diagnosis being made
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made to facilitate the acquirement of a practical knowledge of
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Austin, vice-president, and Dr. John M. McCutehan, Temple,
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to insure ultimate safety fiom retnrn of the disease.
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how frequently foreign bodies may be the cause of the bronchi-
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been reared in the atmosphere of the law-abiding. Until
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these she seemed to think ought to be understood. She ap-
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liver, a speaker said alkaline and vegetable diet, with general and local

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