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hibited by section one thousand four hundred and thirty-six of the
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experience with the technique of abdominal surgery.
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the optic nerve were always bilateral and consisted in
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The products of the inorganic world are thus vitalized ;
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f- — Miscellaneous Complications. — Endo and pericarditis, tuberculosis,
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Until recently it was believed that this dissociation of sensibility
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hands of the operator, and tells his conscience viuscnlaire
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diseases of the skin which are not of nervous origin, even when
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materially diminished; but in only one-fourth of the number was the effect
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mentally, it was possible to demonstrate tumor cells by
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wife of 'W. B. Beatson, M.D., Inspector-General of Hospitals in
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ment from 1888 to 1912 inclusive. Percentage of mortality of intubations for the same time. 1888
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Dr. Geo. L. Cole: I was pleased with the paper- the subject is not often enough
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doubted, as it is relieved by the use of concave glasses. The fact that objects
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It is, I think, quite evident that sanatoria must be considered
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to result fatally. He advised, therefore, that an abortion be induced, and that
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and keep the pipe in place a few moments, that the fluid may
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explanation arises in embryology, where both genital and
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Lateral Currature. The treatment ot lateral curvature by means
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could be detected, either after hurried exercise or when at rest. The man was
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whether it prolongs her expectation of life or not, will it re-
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quire no special treaiment ; but sometimes, as in diolera modbos^ or
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consistent with the empiric observation that attacks of
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suppuration, to a further experimental inquiry. In my
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cially necrosis of the frontal bone, are very common. The
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and the blood smear was negative, with the exception of the leuoocyto-
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digitalis and strophanthus, in view of these circumstances, was discon-
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accompanied by extensive induration, it is contracted.
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furnished in the last half year (July to December) 172 cases, against
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der Hypophysenfunktion, Virchow's Arch., 1920, 228, 1.51.

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