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ernment that he is unable to recommend this proposal to the
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woman. Must we have them with us always? Or can there be some
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library. They will be sent free of charge tion of malignant disease in the nose. 2.
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Dr. Bemardy's statistics would be invaluable if it were
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in the same city, for the year 1894, there were reported 214 deaths from puerperal
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practice the population of 'New York was but 68,000 souls, it may
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than those of Donders because they were obtained from three
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Thorax. — With the exceiDtion of slight emphysema of the lungs, all the thoracic
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only from the observation of medical men in general, but by noting the
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stream. Compelled to use catheter for 3 days before
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wished that cancer always attacked the eye, as it could then be seen and
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the capacity of reaction during an attack of measles.
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nected with other organs than the heart, and are due to the irritating effects
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chamber at a point on the horizontal meridian, midway be-
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or any other contrast between dead and living things is
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be apprehended. To what quantity it had been used in one
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dix. It is therefore commendable surgery to do this, and my observation is
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be regarded as ' moderate ; ' if between 108° and 105°, the fever is con-
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are simple and trusting and they adore their priests and their doctor. That their
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of common; but the lord of the manor is to have the game
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A case of vesico-vaginal fistula from an unusual cause.
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symptoms of softening at level of first interspace ; weight 104
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of the system requires maintenance and support; because the
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Four of the Minnesota physicians who attended a one-
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the history of the sickness of the vicinity, and that only probabilities can
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to the normal anatomy of the parts. There are four plates devoted to
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12. A Comparison of Tricresol and Chloroform as a Preserva-
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1 Cf. Tarino, La Presse Medicale, 1904, xxviii, 222.
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t may occur also from backward pressure from the portal

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