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Treatment. — While everything might be repeated which

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altogether unavailing to break the spasm ; when, at

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ring. That, with a dilatable aorta, an unusually large quantity

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i prakt. med., St. Petersb., 1879, pt. 2, 314-323. — I.cloiv

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given by the late Mr. John J, Astor in memory of his

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not been established for the disease generally ; but Virchow

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Prostatectomy. By Henry G. Bugbee, New York {Boston Medical and

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a nod of recognition. The volume we now speak of is, it is

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otherwise be the case, and, furthermore, it is only a

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tinguished as the unarmed taenia, while the taenia solium is said to be

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coronary arteries or the degree of constriction or incompetency

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Between 1850 and 1854 epidemic meningitis ceased to be heard of, but

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the calamus scriptorius present the following points :

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Ott (D. O.) Ob obmienie vesht,shestv mezhdu plodoin i

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thermometrical and hygrometrical states of the atmosphere will not

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the discordance of authorities at once confounding you,

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fecting the nervous system, and which have been regarded

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turbances will be soon either quite removed, even if only

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overcoming those obstetric difficulties which are met

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and no trace of fingers was to be seen. This complete absence

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"The urethra, however, may labour for a considerable period under this

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rected to learning to read the truths which nature pre-

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nerves for the longitudinal muscular system, but arc at the

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It not infrequently happens that the tumour presses on

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fifth year of life, the mortality in the towns was more than double

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old, a village schoolmistress, who gets through her duties

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