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with adhesions, salpingitis, and imbedding of the ovary in firm and solid exuda-

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field. Objective, Beck's first-class four-tenths narrow-angle. Ocular. Spencer's aplanatic. Con-

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A portion of each stain was then dissolved in salt solution, the

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Pres.— Mrs. George F. Scofield/Pres. -Elect— Mrs. John S.

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abruptly stopped, the movement of the endolymph will continue, but

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upright, honest, and sober Hves. The way of the medical student

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of three years is required before a suit can be entertained (Ayliff's ' Parergon');

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concerning Idiots and Lunatics," passed Feb. 28, 1820. 51.

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of splenic anemia, pernicious anemia, secondary infectious anemia,

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or into the circulation of rabbits, causes the death of these

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eral origin, due to local toxic influence or to trauma, and those of

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inspection and sealing. — (Order of July 29, 1901.)

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general paralysis of the insane, it may be doubtful in which category a

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there is not likely to be amenorrhoea or other signs of pregnancy.

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nephrosis of the left kidney, supposed to he due to the presence of etdcidus in

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an observing man, watching carefully and diligently the diseases

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Organic Chemistry and Materia A/t.u'c.i and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

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Note on November 5th. The patient shows slow but pro-

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local, may appear to denote that recovery has taken place while some liquid

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would reflect more profoundly upon the calamities that had fallen upon the

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du forceiis de Tarnier sur ceini de Levretdansles positions

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and SPENCER. Trans. Roy. Soc. London, 1892. 57. LEYDEN. Virch. Arch. Berlin,

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the part of the king might prolong his bondage indefinitely,

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If you lind paralysis with hemiopia, tlieu there is

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varieties of the parasite. Doubtless, also, the degree

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softening of the eyeball. I would here state that in only

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emolUent oil, they retain their peculiar antiseptic virtues

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over the whole body. The sick dog, first of all, becomes restless

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So suddenly, these big companies see a way to retreat from their

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We have up to the present time refrained from any allusion

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