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fact and important clinical significance. The items are presented in simple epitome and an authoritative reference, both to the item itself

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While collecting the tumors which we have described above, we also en-

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ctm. vertically and 8 ctm. in its antero-posterior and

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which speaks for this view, but it is far from established. In a few cases

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retina from dropsical or inflammatory effusion. Also

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a day. Toward the fourteenth day of his illness his

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from the head of Geo. IV and received from him in return a baronetcy.

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polypi. The interest of the following case lies in the complete absence of

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the dissections in four fatal cases: fatal, as I mentioned that they

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The President emphasized the importance of distinguish-

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could scarcely be roused to answer a question of the most simple kind.

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65° F., and afford an excellent example of the ability of this pest to survive unfed

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certain animals have a much greater predisposition to produce

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Sec. 9. Members expelled from this Society for any cause shall be eligible

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and similar constituents of vegetable and animal matter, are fermented,

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degree of increase of pressure will arrest the functions of the

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that by man}' people (not, sureh T , medical practitioners) vaccination is

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a few lines entreating Thee to come hither and cure my dis-

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of bloody serum was seen between this and the mass, one or two inches deep.

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1871 a. — On some new parasites. [Letter to editor, dated July 8] <;Month. Micr.

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Children of Tomig Mothers. — In a paper read before

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tenderness on moderate pressure in the hypogastric region ;

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tion of membrane within the biliary ])assages, which partially obliter-

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the operation of laying open the abscess j plied, which caused a little inconvenience,

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acids and powdered matico leaves, worked into the consistence of a pill-mass

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To give rest and to allay the nervous irritability of the system,

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complained much of palpitation and general weakness. Her death was

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rior poliomyelitis is derived almost entirely from the study of cases of infan-

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presented one of the other types of the disease, usually an eczema

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tion is faced, but is not answered even to the author's own satisfaction.

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