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be supplemented by an examination under anesthesia. On the
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The American Journal of Syphilogi'aphy and Dermatology. Jan , 1875.
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vessels of the peritoneum of most of the rats were injected, but no
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Dr. Carr, of Goffstown, read a paper upon Epilepsy.
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the rapidity and certainty with which the tubercle bacillus, when
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fibres for the internal rectus, no crossing of the fibres of the
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In this country there are some who think that variola showed
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the aukle-joint of a patient, who had died a few hours before with metastatic
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recommendations of the general Convention of Medical Col-
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in health, in exceptional cases from 9 7" 5 to 9 9 '5''
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commenced upon the right side ; and after the fourth sitting, the ticking
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crusher, slowly applied, there is a minimum of hemorrhage.
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dren. — This is a subject of considerable importance, as it is one of diffi-
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The passage of biliary cidculi along the cystic and common duct may
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throuofh life sorrows have been encountered. The doctor's words
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nothing better than Ofiium, in some form, by the rectum, can be
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only necessary to soak their patients. It was a good
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necessary even to take the child from its bed, and very often
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it abnormal or pernicious. 2. In such cases the form of
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general shaking up to which they would be subjected. The
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normal contraction is quick, whilst in degeneration the contraction
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(partly Latin and partly German) supplied by Neuburger.
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All that is claimed for this method is, that it is more
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1 1. Facts indicating insanity observed by myself :
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case, these should be removed on the same principles
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— diminished vascular excitement, the memlu'ane stationary, looking
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to inquire into the whole question of the Rank, Pay,
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Vaccination. — ^Vaccination against dysentery does not seem to have
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discrete ulcers. Only one of the patients had a normal
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which 31,803 were chloroform narcosis with 23 deaths,
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their stead, or alternately with them, washing the sur-

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