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carbohydrates in the diet. The patient should also be careful not to
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tices of the present board differ materially from those fol-
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This symptom was always attended, too, with obvious, though not
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slides or cover-glasses in the usual manner. After fixation by pass-
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with the broad ligament form a class by themselves. In such
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become addicted to opium. Finally three old fissures had been
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“ So mickle was this storm that men said it was the
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tion (n=2; four with left atrium [LA] thrombus). One
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more punctures, the point of the injecting syringe being inserted into the swollen
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very considerable, especially of the head. The child
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has its importance in the history of pharmacological in-
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The great mortality of Typhoid Fever and Pneumonia, amongst the Confederate Forces^
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and the colonies in deaf classes under the London and Provincial School
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8. (a) What is the rate of flow in the capillaries?
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abdominal ostium closed, and no signs of fimbria could be seen. The
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The salt solution can be introduced in several ways, thus: By injec-
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becomes firm, and, in doing so, probably empties itself.* In no case, however
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Dr. Wyktm ropliod tlmt " tlie tomporaturo of reaction," oo-
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on the menu card in connection with the toast to the guest : ' ' A
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given every four to six days up to a hundred and thirty milli-
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precious device. It may be fairly stated that in ninety-five
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been so materially modified that it merits a separate descrip-
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to the extent to which it adhered. The foul cavity, then, above refen-ed to,
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In no class of diseases were there greater difficulties
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the case, for, as Paget observes, " As the vessels are contracting,
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Case 47.— October, 1912 : Mrs. D., aged 42 : 1-para ; Dr. Holden, Rciiding ; ailing
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themselves as occupying a position which enables them the better to
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sumptive parents. In these cases it appeared to depend on
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put and towards the ears. ^\ T . Eichorn, Hirschcl.
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however, much more easily produced by firm pressure over the
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gradually reduced, the parents would rarely object. In

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