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The subject has been approached from a purely clinical standpoint. In

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attack, equally violent as the first in the same boy,

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He (the President) felt greatly interested in the opening papers,

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characteristics of chloroform; its odor, however, is

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or measles. Diseases of the eyes, ears, various catarrhs and eczema

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the disease ; three are the daughters of an affected mother, and one of them has

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and very likely would present nearly the same appearance on

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far, without results affording encouragement to expect from it more than a

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lower end of the sternum, narrowing of the subcostal angle, and

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creased materially, and in about a month or 6 weeks

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appear first, and the other symptoms, fever and icterus, later. Its

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all over the world and in nearly every country. In Germany

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3. Shivers, C. H. deT. : Rhabdomyosarcoma of spermatic

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and also Brown have recently shown that the pulmonary vascular

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structed, but not if applied between that point and the brain or spinal cord.

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anaesthetic room on a trolley. The anaesthetic room should be well

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tending from the occipital bone to the last cervical

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Skim Milk and Rochester Non-Fat Dry Milk Solids are:

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lungs regularly. The mouth being closed, and a lighted can-

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affected ; the first case occurring 23 days after the arrival of the stranger.

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cially those pertaining to renal disease, serve either to correct or establish

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passed into the uterus two and three-quarters inches,

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Fatique. — What has just been said with regard to wet and cold

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duced, and with it the water can be discharged into a recep-

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whole illness temperature did not go above 105°, and

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elasticity of the skin. Just so the fiat condyloma resembles, from

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If this plan of treatment do not succeed, it may mitigate the severity of the

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in the treatment of peptic ulcer and in the treatment

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physicians have not always grasped the full significance

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applications, or perhaps it would be more correct to say, with-

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vascular disease of the following types; advanced arterio-

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the tumor, and afterward tightening it by clamps; the tumor

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guilty parties; they forsooth, unsought and unpunished. What do

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that constitutes much of their success in representing the integument.

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