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three or four hours elapse, it will take a larger dose of

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Htaiice vital? VVIial, in tlic form which l)eiii(.>; univ(M-Hal may he HUppohe<l indiH-

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correct the asthenic diathesis, the entire life of the

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thirty days. But, in order to obtain this stay of pro-

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labours as surgeon for many a day in foreign lands, and represented

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placed on streptomycin therapy in the hope of obtaining

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The root of Taraxacum officinale Weber (nat. ord. Com-

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The disease is constitutional, the same as eczema, and the

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in the pockets of the soldiers. I therefore remain firm in my opinion,

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to Dr. Kamadge a matter of no consequence, as he relies apparently

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of this new valve. The outside of the housing is cov-

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but also fracture of long bones, was the open one*. He

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be understood that the exact state of health of the person at the time of tho

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child during the period of confinement. The doctor is at

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43. All milk should be in good condition when delivered. This may make it

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I was asked to add my voice to the entertainment which

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described this in detail and presented evidence that this practice

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lient baths are to be followed for the most part by the use of dusting

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July 17— Seventh Annual Update in Clinical Microbiology and Im-

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tion clinics is scanty; therefore, we believe that a

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and, if she have two or three children entitled to aid,

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produced by traumatism and general infections like syphilis. Every

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the body, as well as helping. the activity of the germ or the flies, or whatever

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ties, and a linseed-meal poultice over the tumor. Next day he had

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to fly, no matter how perfect the compensation, not only because of

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cemia proved well-nigh impossible, because of the high virulence of the

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otherwise, it would strike at the root of medical experience. If changes re-

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