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gangrene or caseation follows. Still later, nothing may be traceable
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isiana, Tennessee (?), Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama,
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(3) Toxic gastritis (mild and severe). Anatomically one may add two
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sewer gas to enter the room. Cleaning of the air inlet, plus sealing all fixtures
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Dr. Wood, however, takes a more hopeful view of the
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1. Diagnosis: While an exact pre-operative diagnosis of all the
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ings. Save for the fact that Hippocrates mentions the
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McConnell, E. F. , Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted 22
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/»**?* ^y ThomM Leahey, whom I operated upon Oot>ber 13, 1871, had a second formation, and was taken to Phila*
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! out difficulty. They are self-retaining, small, simple,
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foreign matters to the gallon, while the aqueduct water had but 3.18 !
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(») Prophylaiis of Pneumonia, J. JI. Anders. Med. JVeics, June 3,
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Bodies in the Cornea." The history given by the patient,
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instead of 10 ; in Bokai's 18.3 instead of 25.5, etc. I have, however,
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ing the rectum would act as a wedge, and the point of application of the force
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movements of the limbs ; but the main distinction is said to be that the
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was in evident collapse. A hot-water bag was placed
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recollect that our diagnosis ought never to be founded on one
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One evening, at supper, Luther said—" When the devil
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results obtained by some observers were thought so important that
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The investigators received cordial support from both the workers
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It has been determined that up to 18,000 feet there occurs no
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injections in general gynecological practice. Among
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Teisiiiicr. l)e la valeur de I'indice c6phalique dans V6pi-
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the Constitution most thoroughly revised. This task
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Odorous emanations drawn up into the nasal passages come in contact
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benefit from the avoidance of rupture of the internal
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If pus forms, there are one or more chills, and later there is

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