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brought out in the general discussion, but from the

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weeks, would usually open the nose quickly,, and this

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divided axis cylinders without the complicated process of degeneration

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rhage, and secure rapid union by drawing the raw edges together with

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long enough to be thoroughly mixed with the saliva. Especially

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The blood-vessels on the small curvature of the stomach are dis-

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dr., orange-flower water 8 oz. It may be varied by using rose

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have always coupled it with complete isolation of the

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under Local Anesthesia," Thos. Chas. Martin, Cleveland ; "A

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the House to which it had been referred presented a

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to start a crusade against our present dress in the

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. and act as UibH' j" e,"'^'' 'i'"'"" ] » ''/ ^ e and

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focussing of attention and in connection with certain functions such as

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A brief detail of the manner in which the patient uses this instrument

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discussion on the use of quinine, at the next meeting.)

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i.e.^ nystagmus to the right means that the quick (cerebral) jerk is to

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1850, i,2. Hft., 3-8. -Reese (J.J.) The defects in our

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passage of the micrococcus from the milk into the diges-

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this growth, glioma of the retina, and pseudoglioma ; and a few

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hospital only after all the ordinary medical means employed with

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coin. The formation of these circular spots by consecutive des-

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the part of the patient, and its prevention depends largely

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The same, however, cannot be said in regard to certain drinks

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17. Du Toit D. Heydenrych JJ. Smit B. et al: Segmental pancreatic allograft

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ture is of but little importance, since the dissection has revealed

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resalts of his observations on the treatment of agae by the EtAccUyptus Oh-

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JqUt Dr on tbe changes in the vessels of the pia mater resulting from irritation of

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in propagating Jenner's idea, and in introducing vaccination

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labour of her seventh child. He said he found her flooding excessively ; the

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Chapter II. is on " The Diagnosis, Etiology, Treatment, and

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