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unfrequently superseding the guidance of 'pure anatomy, in

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supervene. In some cases the fit seems to be induced by severe mental

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these exacerbations, lasting usually for several hours, it became almost

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had thus lessened the sum of human life; what must be the amount of

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lani * gave a detailed description of the trypanosoma found in this dis-

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in number is, I think, due to the accommodation and

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S62 Dr Hamilton on the Cause and Treatment of GoiU. July

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rainfall that can fall on the waterlogged area, below high

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he surmised and its conscious management more difficult. There are people,

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on absolutely identical diets does not tend to inspire con-

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exactness of these two currents ; which would also be modified by

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unction of blue ointment has succeeded perfectly. But best of all, in really difii-

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though it is quite possible, from what has been seen in

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pressure will tend to collapse the tender walls of the lacteals and the

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if any other agents. Peptones, for instance, the finished

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matter and the other for kitchen waste, it is quite impossible to determine

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(c) Hearing (watch, No. inches; 1 Right, /40 (40/40 normal) feet.

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Dennition.— Sprue is a chronic catarrhal inflammation of the

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dependent probably upon the fact of their being destitute of vegetable

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medicine and surgery. Dr. James Bell Pettigrew, F. R. S.,

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extreme form. It rarely went on to vomiting, though he was

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indefinite period, and is the immediate cause of the disease. If

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sion ; they also lower the temperature ; their eftects,

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In persons of a nervous or hysterical temperament, both males and females,

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the middle finger will reach close to the place where the

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well as those of some subsequent organizations, for many years.

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The regular monthly meeting of the San Diego County Medical Society A**as

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