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thoroughly satisfied that to this neglect we are indebted for a large
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collector would probably he able to gather from ten to twenty
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nently remedying the anomalies in the composition of the blood,
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head was brought near the axis of the pelvis. He then relinquished
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On the RascMscli or Canabis Indica. By John Bell, M. D., Deny, N. II.
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Sulphuretted hydrogen is frequently formed in considerable
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or three miles, afterwards giving no manifestations whatever of
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which changes varies according to the structure and con-
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descent through the pelvis. By bending the fore-arm of the foetus
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the omniscient keeping of the homoeopath or hydropath, that " Dr. —
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by any physiologist. Dr. Dunglison says, "it is difficult,
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did not know precisely how old she was, but we think that the
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was probably also less painful than making the incision through
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through the mucous membrane, but through the sphincter also.
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Surgical Journal, whose judgment and experience entitle his opinion to
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latter exception I have found no use for mercurials in typhoid
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three weeks later another examination was made. Reaction
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not fall so low. This is due in part, no doubt, to the frequency
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tense, and of a shining rose-colour. On the morning of the 26th,
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deliberately and more carefully, and when the head of the bone

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