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M.D., F.R.S., Regius Professor of Medicine in Oxford University. England ;
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liotli the National Intercolleftiate Ch;.m))ionships and the Eastern Intereolh iiiatc
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Carbonate of Ammonia ; Carbonate of potash j and carbonate
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Without laying the swab down, withdraw tlie cotton plug from the
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may have a bearing on the patient's illness, and ex-
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facts: If the animal fluids (blood, lymph, semen, milk), or their prnteic ele-
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mit. med. cremonese, Cremona, 1885, t, 79; 109; 180: 1886,
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mixing 1 part of boric acid powder with 10 parts of vaseline or
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transverse lesion. Reference : Boston Med. and Surg. Jour., czzz.
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separated by long intervals, the germs of the disease planted by these
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and the second, the development of a cancerous mass contiguous
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my idea as to its probable nature, and will only add that
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compounding the several articles of the Veterinary Materia
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persuade practitioners to make a trial of the same treat-
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diagnosis between this condition and other forms of intra-
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degree which constitutes a serious danger. Physicians
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cork, and turn them slowly over and over in order to simulate peri-
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It was anchored near the little place called De la Piedad,
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ments, and the long series of patients' entry-books,
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most frequent cause of abortion which we regard as the
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eral times, has shown only slight traces of albumin, but
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heavily coated, her abdomen was distended, this distention being
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to conditions — the softening of the curd under the moldy rind begins
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spinal roots, disease in the pyramidal tracts by diffuse affections of
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him exempted from any duty requiring his wearing the

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