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fluent. They may be very few in number, only two or three, or there
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letters are inserted in the tabular spaces, should be given in extenso. It
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commencement, is usually considered by superficial observers as
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ior although the French element did, in the main, predominate, yet
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within a given space." Comparative anatomy and physi
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First Row: Donald Whitener, Harold Sluder and Charles
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could recall where I read it) reported the Secretary of War as
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the whole of diastole; and the so-called "closure time" of systole. 1
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body. He was the first to call attention to that feat-
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advice of one ol the most promiueut surgeons in liostou.
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The dose of tetronal is from five to thirty grains as a
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may be severe dyspnoea. This stage lasts for several hours, often from
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glycerin are given in moderate and frequently-repeated
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activity of the drug. The difficulty is due in part to
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an additional safeguard a row of Lembert sutures around the
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on scolding her, the face assumed such a deep purple, her
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method usually employed in the present day, however, is
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bacillus with the higher fungi (hyphomycetes), and by Leliraann and
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1902. Plants injurious to stock. Annual Report of the Department of Agri-
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14. Perrault J, McGill DB, Ott BJ, et al: Liver biopsy: Complications in 1000
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of these illegal practitioners as persecution, possibly because it likes to be hum-
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show, here and there, changes in the electrical irrita-
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(h) The demonstration of the B. UjphosuH in the suspected milk.
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This is sufficient to show what a varied feast is spread
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right leg. On inspection the right knee joint and the lower half of the right
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make up the major portion of the restorative and heartening
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force. Furthermore, I believe that the cause of this

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