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mencement of some complication such as phthisis, such a rise being

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loss was extraordinarily high when great emaciation occurs in hypo-

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occurs iu these cases and which may persist even during the course

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look for the answer to this question are the records of the army and

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histiocytes. Tiirk 26 denies the relations of these oxydase mononuclear

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systolic pressure to fall or remain high ; the diastolic pressure is also

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stroma of the gland. The fibrous tissue throughout the gland is

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* From the Chemical Laboratory of the Montefiore Home and Hospital

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simulating apoplexy dependent upon fatty disease of the heart.

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tents of the cysts are lymphous, and though these cysts have lost all

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immediately increased. Thus thymus treatment appeared to depress

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matic exercise and make it as pleasureable as possible, but he will

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which it has in others ; that malaria and chorea affect the white more

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another patient " as if his heart were a pendulum suddenly stopped at

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1860 and 1861-1870, giving the number of deaths from twenty-five

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morning after taking coffee. The patient felt now so little sick as to

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of a more general ectasia and the stagnation of the lymph will be

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of 41 to the minute. In the lower record the shorter interventricular

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and ankle reflexes, impairment of the vibratory sense in upper and

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big for the valves. Instead of two, three or four ringers may be

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1850. The arcus senilis is the visible segment of discoloration in the

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patient the distress should gradually but surely increase and rales be

chloromycetin was legalized 1947

Case D, B. — A woman had a severe attack of pellagra in the autumn of 1909

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