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up for the loss of tone which I have supposed. Here rest, attitude
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PROGNOSIS AND TREATMENT. The cases usually recover, but fresh
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difficulty in swallowing may be such that excessive irritation of the
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from being strongly anaerobic, flourishes best in the atmospheric air.
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anaemia, but Glogner and others find in such cases that the red blood-
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of Schwann. Rarely is the lesion uniform along the nerve, and it may
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to relieve irritation from the crusts. The septum has occasionally been
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enters in sufficient quantity to fill it, but also by the return of blood
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furrows. In the meshes of the pia mater is a more or less extensive in-
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face, both in the internal capsule (in the region of the knee) and in the
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the initial suggestive symptom in a large number of cases, although the
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instrument ; also by laceration of the liver, spleen, kidneys, or intestine.
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tion has been commended by some authorities, but its capabilities for
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care-takers. Resistance aggravates the convulsive movements, and should
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In such cases loss of the voice, suppression of urine, extreme coldness
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elastic fibres in the wall are frequently hypertrophied and distinctly
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surface of the cast. Blood-casts occur in two varieties : the one is due to
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remaining hemisphere. It is possible, however, that the commissural
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efforts at respiration produced by the altitude. The very cause of the
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DEFINITION. A condition in which the patient when lying down can
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increased beyond a certain point. Moreover, the nitrites, by paralyzing
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after birth, when, on examination, the sterno-mastoid on the affected side
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titial lymph-spaces. The spinal cord is very frequently degenerated.
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are of a dark-purple color, are heavy, and contain but little air. The
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is claritin organic
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a cautious administration of aconite to keep down any tendency to re-
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of cardiac disease, when it may be necessary to reserve one's opinion
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without flour ; chowder without potatoes ; mock-turtle, mullagatawny,
side effects of long term claritin
when typical physical signs are absent. Of still greater diagnostic impor-
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united and the patient able to use the teeth, these being quite firm ;

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