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preserved. Fig. 8 shows where the condyles were removed, and

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injected should not exceed 600 cubic centimeters at

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ing. Most cases of lameness, however, are due to some

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with a less extensive oj)eration — viz., not to excise the whole

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Johns Hopkins Hospital, North Broadway - Baltimore, Md.

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During the latter part of the investigation, however,

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from glandered horses. The virus, or germ, of glan-

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horses are at hai'd labor, an addition of cornmeal is

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with the virus obtained from the discharge from a sus-

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excellent liniment and will blister if used freely.

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was the artery* at all which I had found ; artery or not, it would

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a flap or covering for the stump of the thigh is preserved from the

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should never be left in infected stables and yards.

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ported a series of 16 ovarian neoplasms, mainly malignant,

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countries, Ireland possesses no legal powers to deal with

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persistent irritation. It varies from cases that show

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disease. It is often the most important, and at times the

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self rather than to any outward circumstance, which

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healtli nursing section in every State health depart-

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1. A Course of Lectures on the Progress of Surgery during the

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crepitus, as the broken parts grate over each other, is

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and perhaps you will not consider a brief desqription of it, out of

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lithotomy, even in fatal cases. Surgeons are familiar with ordinary

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acid in twenty parts of water, and, when dry, white-

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tains such a quantity of organisms that it would be difficult

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European packagea, sent through Tmbner A Co., 60 Paternoster Row, London, or J. B. BaiJliere

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the digestive organs — habitual exposure to atmospheric vicissitudes,

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Summary of Additions, Deletions L Revisions (1985 - 1989)

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