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was ruptured and its course clearly traced for about
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is rounded and has a diameter of - 04 mm. The cuticle is
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not be improper to remark, while on this subject, that the theory which
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to the bacillus dysenterige and characterized by tormina, tenesmus, and
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feels at ease, comfortable and relaxed. Sooner or later, how-
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Testimonials of proficiency granted by educational bodies, according
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t-t-oocoi«coc^qTH"^«oooc<iU3rj«cococ<qc^q -o^
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uterine body was so soft and friable that it was removed with
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1647 between the Army and Parliament, Cromwell became seriously
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Energetic Movements. — Energetic movements, such as walking the patient
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ments and clinical observations which demonstrate that at any rate the
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I found that during the preceding day he had suffered much
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prepuce, this had long been successfully practiced in
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become exceedingly energetic the moment a small quantity o'i
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poke be small, and the patient delirious, to think of passive hypenemia
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the preceding, the sequence being 56, 48, 46, and 42. — Med. Times and Gaz.,
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improvement, followed after one month's stay in the
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of Washington's Birthday by the University of Penn-
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reports a case in which a tapeworm with a head attached was
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Sharad Mansukani Ophthalmology Research. . .Wills Eye Hospital
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of food maybe allowed when they are desired by the patient. I'ermitting
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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
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space at the summit on one side, has the same significance, being due to
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sions will be recorded upon the drum. If, however, the
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307; 378; 458; .">8'!; 679; 70:1.— Iljoi-I (J.) Aben sarbe-
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et Mem. de la Soc. de Chir., de Paris, November 22, 1898) reports two cases
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