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copious effusion in the sac will rob the operator of
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undergo very serious alterations, which consist in an increase of the
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Dr. S. W. Abbott, of Wakefield : — Dr. Cook's paper has
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occur, its neglect would only deprive the patient of the last and only
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Active ingredients: Polyoxyethylene nonvl phenol. Sodium
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bath. Provide good ventilation. An abundance of fresh air is
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Europe. Among these subjects, that which chiefly engaged his
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kind, and the distinction was evidently made on hygienic grounds,
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causes disease of the auditory nerve, which is transmitted to the medulla ob-
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and, after all, when, as in the present case, the matter is good,
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found that it was covered with mucus, and was quite soft and
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general care. Although a mixture containing 5 minims of tincture of
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flammable eructations it is supposed, with much plausibility, that the
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evolution is intensive mercurial treatment, precocious
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gen, the remainder being oxygen. They, therefore, concluded that oxygen
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with these non-transportable articles, I will next discuss
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the development of a local tumefaction, and the situation of stiffening
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pbysioi. . . . de Bordeaux, 1883, iv, 13. Also: J. de m^d.
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battery, capable of raising at pleasure a platina ball to full redness: the battery
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fever ; and, as no one applied to me on behalf of the University
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chiefly situated in the interspaces of the fingers.
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The implication of the trachea can be directly observed on laryn-
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and prevents oozing. All antiseptic agents are more or
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be dependent upon an undue excitability and increased action of the entire spinal
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Fresh urine is kept from decomposition by the addition of a small quantity
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We fear it can not be denied that the picture of unrequited and unap-

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