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concentration of authority in local control. For this
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an apparent renl in the capsule. Cases are also on record where
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extend Dr. Selzer ’s visit to a full week. I can now
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(Philadelphia) gave several points in favor of such wards in
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Episcopal Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Jan. 1, 1899, giving
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his view of this matter is peculiar and, we believe, original. In some
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ease is the single pustule at the corneal margin, with yellow infil-
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lic schools adenoid growths in the vault of the pharynx were
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and bilious fever in 1863, and chills and fever again in 1867 and 1868.
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suggestions are preferable, it is better to close the eyes,
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kidneys, the muscles, especially the cardiac muscle, and the coats of the small
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we will briefly allude to the (juestion of differentij
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Recent evidence suggests that coronary artery disease
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ganzen gleichartigen Sendung ausgefuhrt wird (§ 12 Abs. 4 ebenda)
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I think them unscientific, and, in my opinion, they can not be condemned
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and books to the Wisconsin Historical and Archaeological Society,
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With these attacks vomiting occurred at intervals. For three or four
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it is rapid, and kills the patient in a few months ; more usually it
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ear disease who suffer from hypertrophy of the pharyn-
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duty at the General Hospital, Santiago, Cuba, and will report to
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duties of the assistant, and the essential preparations for successful
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hepatic affections, but it is now known that alkalies are more service-
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members of the Legislature, to attend the sessions of
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In the hospitals at Heidenheim, Cologne, Coburg, Buxtehude, Schopf-
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by a fyflematic view of the fymptoms, caufes, &c. of epilepfy,
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' in December 1859 : the body was exhumed in January 1860, and no poison
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was, notwithstanding its efficacy, a popular dislike respecting
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cinchona ovata may be recognized by the following characters. It is of
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