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thirst; but we may possibly lessen the amount of water drunk by prescribing
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" nervous "' basis. But, in accordance with the views expressed by Czerny,
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l^ the large collection of morbid preparations in the University
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found in the brain macroscopically. The patient was an elderly female, who
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corresponding motor nuclei (hypoglossal nucleus, etc.) ; but peripheral neu-
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to come on again afresh. The affected parts of the body are thus put in a
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breaks of this disease have occurred among military f^rsonnel after troops were billeted
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it obligatory from 1875, with a preliminary examination, and from 1877 has
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Physiology — Kirkes' liandbook, Marshall's "Physiology," Huxley's
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of the paralytic symptoms remain stationary, either in the distribution of the
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a warm bath for hours at a time ; in milder cases a warm pack may be of
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name on the Register of Medical Students kept by the General Medical
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tions, twenty minutes is allowed each examiner to test the candidate.
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must have been spent in attendance at the College of Medicine, New-
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fulfilment of the following requirements: residence for at least three quarters subse-
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The examination most coyer as mnch as possible all the departments of medJeal
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medicus may be constituted by attendance on Practical Anatomy and
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the ligamentum patellae. A convulsive, reflex tremor of the whole leg often
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Sir, — I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of yonr letter, requesting
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soec^^^^ic justification "for your rejection is required,

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