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that, during a non-fatal attack of one of the specific

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tubercular children annually. Some of the children are kept for 18

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James Adams in the case of a child of eleven weeks,

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we had learned all that was to be obtained from it. It seemed

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of use in Medicine, could be established, and well supported

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with the uterus in perfectly normal position. Ovaries

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suddenly and entirely. In an eel, in which the brain had been carefully removed, and

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probably injurious. Its general adoption in private practice could

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a medicated soap such as those devised by Eichoff, containing sul-

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quently, I believe it to be far more dangerous to employ as a general

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and why the eye is not as good as it used to be. Clothing differs from hair as a

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pital. Attendance at a hospital for six months is also

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to start a crusade against our present dress in the

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Hybord found that out of 53 cases in which the nose was implicated 35

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a half — by means of a steam spray apparatus, and

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sedative is indicated in sleeplessness, it is better to combine them, and when

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not only fit students for practice but will offer ad-

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be able to place the ligature well down on the peritoneum, and thus do

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tables, on the other hand, must be given in somew^hat larger quantities.

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Punjab, 0-0019 percent. (4 in 23,861); in the provinces of Agra and

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fatal that but few chances of post-mortem examinations

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medicine to two well-known clergymen with the result of restor-

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the spinal canal. The brain and its membranes are subject to morbid

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tive termination (Table 2). Karyotyping was also commonly

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two or three drachms of serum, and the heart itself was plump,

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increased threefold the strength of light is one-ninth. If

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Rubidium, potassium, alloy of potassium and sodium, so-

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where he lies on his side and chest, close to the edge of the

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On the other hand, when ulcerative processes are pres-

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