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des Finklerschen Heilverfahrens bei der Impftuberkulose des Meerschweines,
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called it Duchenne's Disease. It is also known as posterior spinal sclerosis, tabes dorsalis, gray degeneration
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population has increased, and the city become more densely set-
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bacteria do not exhibit lag until the culture from which the inocu-
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In those cases where it has appeared to fail in arresting the par-
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toenorrlMBa. The treatment of these caieflĀ» (exoeptiiig wbat was
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ivhich are constantly kept by apothecaries, and prescribed by phy-
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An interpretation of the different phases of the blood infection is
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were recorded for the benefit of mankind. But noise is the
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5. By means of the vital stain it has been shown that the large
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yet are extremely dangerous in the slightest excess. Calomel,
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ture pallida can be claimed to have any diagnostic value. These
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Surgical Puerperal Septicemia, by Dr. Samuel M. Garliek, of Bridgeport, 322
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easily checked afterwards. Next, he gives a scruple of calomel,
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muscles of the arm. The whole abdomen feels sore and uncomfort-
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respiratory organs yielded to the influence of the season. Some
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Trousseau has done so on the third or fourth. He advises as not to
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tended by convulsions. No post mortem examination could be
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was purulent and copious and was raised most abundantly in the morning. There
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that the prevalence of these, the severity of the attack, and the de-
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the variations of the size of a wound and not only of one of its dimen-
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ing report of tlie finances of the Society for the year
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gonococci, and non-virulent pneumococci agglutinate in the circula-
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convulsive movements from the commencement, and tetanic spasms in
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external surface of the corpuscles by encircling one or more mounds
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It is to be regretted, that with the capacities and opportunities for
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gout and are never present in arthritis. Uric acid is always in excess in
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Whether inherited or acquired, it commonly develops before thirty, and
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were used. The individuals of each age were alike as to size and condition of de-
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A number of experiments have been made by the fistula method.
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return until two nights afterwards ; when a larger dose of the ether

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