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four cases, with a discuasien of i he diagnostic signs of per-

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caused by inflammation of the fine and delicate skin and

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larged lobules are little sacs or bladders, not larger than from the size

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to cases in which the movements occur with great suddenness.

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Epileptic insanity is an old subject but I trust it may be none the less inter-

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development of bacteria. This corresponds very closely to the previous tables

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Connecticut Chapter, Connecticut State Dental Association, Connecticut Academy of

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This single example shows that the ancient Mexicans did not confound

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infection, such as joint inflammations; but even in the grave cases

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urates are often deposited in abundance when the urine becomes cold.

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the teeth-buds have been damaged by stomatitis. Hutchinson considers

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Alice Cromartie, educated at the University of New York and Belle-

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as practicable with regard to the power of endurance, was

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by Diesing (lS51a, 317) once for the lungs of man; Chatin (1888b) states

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Hence the weU-known efficacy of small doses of calomel,

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Sulphur baths in the treatment of scabies our author

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kept up. One of the best local applications, at the first sign of redness,

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labour of her seventh child. He said he found her flooding excessively ; the

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no medical man pretended to deny them. He cites the case of a single

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apparent in the hip and shoulder. The swelling is due, in part, to a morbid

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though the general facts do not bear them out. Their theory was

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registered in London for the three years 1846, 1847, and 1848 were 1091 — ■

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The view that pneumonia was due to a specific organism did not

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ever, attacked with intermittent fever immediately, which

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my present purpose. The fluid is evidently sero-puru-

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lay is a terrible mistake. The first case illustrates the

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contours. Suddenly one or more (one to six) slender filaments

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