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KingsloH-on-lIidl Incorporation.— T)a.m<:\ Gibson, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.S A .

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the right hypochondrium. The sensation is rather of an aching char-

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and I then took her to Dr. Dunn. I had given her quinine internally

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plication, and deficient in memory. The attempt causes

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patient might have some form of new growth in the tonsil. As he was elderly,

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tients undergoing orthopedic,^ intra-abdominal,^ and

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Publication of any advertisement in Colorado Medicine is not a endorsement by the

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I have designated as the Ursa Minor of Medicine, on account of their

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increasing the duration or frequency of the baths. I have used this

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wisdom of so living, that when that old age does come, it shall be one of physical

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The conditions which we have classed as iritis varied from an acute

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be treated by repeated application of leeches, and cupping

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Since 1855 he has been subject to muscular twitchings,

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tory and for his kindly allowing me to report the case.

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wholesale extraction is extremely painful, indeed almost impossible.

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lai-ge vessel, and extended from it into the small vessels, from which threads of fibrin

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Treatment. — The best treatment is arsenic in some form, especially

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ond week. Anat. Aiiz., Jena, 1892-3, viii, 030-633. Also,

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I tient had recovered slight power in the adductor mus-

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which naturally suggests itself here, and which is apparent to Thomas

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conclusion. There might be something in the ai-^e of

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organs of sight and hearing, the power of again hearing and

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