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In another case, one of plastic peritonitis, in which

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authorities will apply for counsel to those practical physiolo-

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body was foolish enough to give him money, when he at once faithfully

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one of the Examiners on Surgery in the University of Dublin ;

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there is a small increase in frequency towards evening; at which

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ganate (3 gr. to Jj) was followed by rapid relief of the symptoms —

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sent nearly 9,000 plants, with circulars of instruction as to

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preferred, it may be conveyed to the different peritoneal

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urethra does not sensibly vary, but that in the middle of this

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may prepare cells for hemolysis, as suggested long ago by Bottazzi ;^^

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only three consumptives out of each hundred deaths ; while New-York and Boston and London

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upon disease of the pancreas, obstruction of the pancreatic duct, or to

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on a scientific basis, the relation of this malady with the joint affection

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death certificates are an accessible source of injury mortality

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course have been noticed, and have been the theme of a good d^ of

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some f<Rin of obstruction of the duct. The condition is rure, and, unlike

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coming to a full development on the immediately succeeding days. On

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where a part of the lesions were treated with ichthyol,

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excellent recovery ; after-pains are rare in these cases. Since

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to any foreign country be vaccinated against smallpox."

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slow circulation of the more fluid parts of the blood." Professor Owen

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(2) Elliott: The operative relief of gangrene of the intestines due to occlu-

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pected, for proteid may be converted by continued action of enzyme

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healthy tissues of rabbits in quantities insufficient

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1.— The chief point of the report is contained in the title.

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The objects and general principles of treatment are sufficiently obvious.

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Please send me a pledge card on the Endowment Plus 5 " 1 Life Insurance Giving Program and/

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Dr. S. Solis Cohex: May I ask what was Dr. Friedenwald's criterion

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is to be regarded as the indication of acute salpingitis.

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105° F. to 108° F., breathing hurried (about 100 per minute) and often

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versally maintained by homoeopathists both in Europe and America; and

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ternally to a spot opposite the fifth dorsal spine. From this point it spreads

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