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Nicaragua : May 16, Grenada, present ; Masaya, present ; Ha-

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bladder, to what we have similarly defined, when we con-

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shown in the accompanying figure is being heated by a Bunsen

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The hypertrophic development of the capillaries of the cutis, which

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to humanity than by discovering how to transmit the contagion of scarlet fever

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not so much in its immediate effects as in results which it produces by

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trade but merely a part of a broader and a higher education,

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the transudate often reaches 1000 c.c., and this has often been greatly

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relieved and cured by making pressure and interrupting

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" ' Sir : I take the liberty of sending you a pamphlet published

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ments was, that Dr. Cheyne had, some years before, written an

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element in a large percentage of the cases was an increase in the

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1902. Poisonous plants of Montana. Proceedings of the Pacific Northwest Wool-

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tions, especially in the absence of more dependable

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creased excretion of ammonia and the diminished excretion of urea in certain

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would, in general, inherit the peculiarities and repeat the life-

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Second American from the Third and Revised English Edition. With

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very often secondary to a local tuberculosis in the lung,

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by which we are constantly encompassed, and which we

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peiiod from birth, the local authority must know who have

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had already fully developed, and extended itself in the course of the day

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than to the class of established and permanent maladies."

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himself the Lord's Anointed, and with the greatest difficulty could

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would explain much that is otherwise inexplicable in Chittenden's

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acquired by contamination of an abraded surface by the faeces or crushed bo'iles of

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drachms. Continual anaesthesia can be procured in the

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interests of the whole profession. Essays, reports of cases, and correspondence upon subjects of pro-

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adrenals which they stimulate and cause to hypertrophy.

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space than natural, and each contraction of the ventricles was

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designed that the creatures formed in " His own like-

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little to the right of the median line. Examining again with

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