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come close to the truth, requiring to be supplemented in exceptional

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well-water to wash the cans and bottles. The baby had

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to disappear and thus open up the gates for malignant tumors.

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affection to any particular organic disease; but, on the whole ^pre-

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Goliner,' of Erfurt, reports his experience with this remedy in

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the alert, not to sufiTer the rectum and bladder to become surcharged by

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torture her so that the mother has to use enemas, or extract them with

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3. That the State Society further encourage Postgraduate Medical Courses by con-

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Physical examination shows a moderately well developed,

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delivered through the natural passage," is liable to a dan-

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midsummer, bring about changes in the white corpuscles of the blood

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as you prescribe for your patients. I give no promiscuous exercice, but direct each

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nied by expectoration of bright-colored blood during the night; barking,

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curred among the convicts in Portsmouth, and in Langston

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two children, and a nurse, were put into rooms of a great hotel in Sar-

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are indisposed to cicatrize, and to offensive ulcers, and

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Pain." The leading editorial unsparingly condemns the class

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future upon it. The first class of these special students

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and arrogant, too presumptuous, (and if I could indulge in the epithet)

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trarily designated as 1+, 2 + , 3+ and 4-f . In extenuation of this

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its flexibility it cannot injure the tissues mechanically,

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on backs of hands in two cases and back of neck in one case.

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" The influence of the seasons has been sometimes alluded to as a

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the ground of distributing patronage fairly, we should like to

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assisted by Professor S. G. Shattock, proves that the subcutaneous

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The grounds are not kept in orderly condition, and show neglect.

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Afternoon Session, — The Convention assembled and was called to order by

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very desirable that all Metropolitan Poor-law Medical officers

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American Journal of Medical Sciences, has done good

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