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ulating tonics ; Lobelia Ex. fid. Leptandria, etc., according to circum-

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of the patient, the same local applications mentioned as appro-

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Messrs. Battle k Co., of St. Louis, Mo., U. S. A., have recently

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Life History of Trypanosoma Gamhiense outside the Body. — It is

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sick in public hospitals, with institutions of public hygiene,

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days after this, however, he observed that the anus became moistened

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such as chill, fever, etc. The spinal lesions multiply and in-

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short incision at the outer edge of the rectus muscle,

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from the healthy brain. Thickening of the arachnoid has now and then

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and I finally found two plates which showed the same con-

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The rules for treatment are based on large clinical experience

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vote boiii Jidf upon a boiiii fide proposition ; and any proposition

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the right hypochondrium. The sensation is rather of an aching char-

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exceed 1 to 1,000 after the blood has been added. Other

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in the cervical region. The position of the vertebras

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important difficulty and one where we know the impulses do

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Stromeyer's cushion in the axilla for two to three weeks, followed

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+ The Worked Willi;,,,, Sewson, K.K.S., edited by George Gulliver, P.R.S.L.

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woman, aged thirty-three, applied to me to take charge of her

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5. Half Fare to Milwaukee«--On account of Democratic

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The present stand-point of scientific medicine, therefore, may I think

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So perfect is the adaptation, and so wide in its range is the

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7. CDC: Case definitions for public health surveillance. MMWR

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hol to three parts of virus), and that both have a re-

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is persistent and the pulse rarely rises above 150 ; in other words, the

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ZwEiFEL. Centralbl.f. Chir., Leipz., 1893, xx, p. 785.

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141. Blood pressure systolic 150, diastolic 90, stand-

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a wealthy family in Philadelphia was desirous of adopting

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Last year, in publishing some scattered notes of the work

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ease. In the second case it is found under the feet, later in the

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This difference in the extent of the cardiac dullness in healthy men

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after the commencement of labor and thirty six hours af-

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