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lysis of the vocal cords has been so complete since the practical

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Prof. Sussdorf, M.D. (of Gottingen). Text translated

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Wyo., is ordered for temporary duty at Ft. Robinson, Neb.

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extremity of the worm, is of triangular shape, and is surrounded

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ory Pedigo, Edmonton, Ky., August 11, aged 55. — Dr. Ed-

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author. The new law has taken away the power formerly

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the patient's mind should he perfectly clear, in order that he may promptly in-

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In some cases Quinine in large doses has acted beneficially as a sedative.

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chronic tetanus every year, and that there are also about

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instrument he used was a specially made captotome, witb a very

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t Mabtin, WiLLDkM James, M.D., F.R.C.P. Edin., Physician Jerviii-

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churned (c), and the remaining fourth heated in a vat at 158° F. for

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iron splinter from the eye with a magnet, explored the

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after the commencement of labor and thirty six hours af-

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an ordinary gentleman only accustomed to a daily desultory

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cially by our distinguished associates, Dr. Budd of Bris-

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sites, pigment, etc. ), but only to those due to the anaemic condition

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constant are straight lines within the limits of experimental error.

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(Spencer, Nietsche), art (Wagner), and science (Darwin, Hux-

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Case L, besides tonics and locally emplast. hydrarg.

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as the most capable ; that a general knowledge of the whole field of

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the attack is also severe. The symptoms usually come on in about

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the development of a local tumefaction, and the situation of stiffening

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Iceland." In other words, Dr. King maintains— with perfect

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abdomen is no longer protruded with each inspiration, but sinks in

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dren at a suburban site for the purpose of a day of

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Severe exertion, or the discontinuance of the use of suspensories, are said

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